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Re: T-rex predation

At 08:27 AM 9/12/97 +1000, Dann Pigdon wrote:
>       Crocodiles for a start. In some parts of northern Australia
>crocs feed almost exclusively on the remains of cattle that become
>bogged in the mud besides waterholes.

That isn't their natural situation.  Here they are taking unashamed
advantage of a windfall caused by human animal husbandry practices - namely
our maintenance of herds of cattle far in excess of the natural carrying
capacity of the land.

Under natural conditions crocodiles are rather aggressive predators,
specializing in ambush hunting of animals that come down to the water for a

[I have seen film of a Nile crocodile taking down a water buffalo - one has
to be *really* tough to take on one of those beast].

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com