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Re: taxon toast

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Sam j hogan wrote
> -zenlizard
> What is the sound of one Tyrannosaurus clapping?
 Darren (A.K.A. CRANTZ@UWYO.EDU), 
one happy little student of zen, responds:

If your ears see,
And eyes hear,
Not a doubt you'll cherish--
How naturally the rain drips
>From the trees

In truth, in relative terms that is, the T-rex is the essence of Zen.
This isn't a joke either, for naturally the T-rex was driven more by 
instinct: the need to eat, and make more T-rexes, than it was by any 
concept of anything greater than these needs--"the universe"--that's 
probably what made it so successful as a species.  Now, of course, trying 
to answer the hows and whys of T-rex behavior may be a lot of KWATS from 
the zen perspective, but it still is fun to think about.

Toodles, D.A.B

<meanwhile, back at the ranch>
"Hey, Pa, what's that sound?"
"Don't know son, bu-- AAAAH!! Dromies are raining from the trees!"