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Tyrannosaurus, a bone crussher

"deal with bones" in what way?  Crushing? From other discussions on this
list, T. rex's teeth were not adapted for bone crushing, per se.  Look at
a hyena's teeth, which are adapted specifically to crush bone and extract
marrow.  The shape of T. rex's teeth are no where near the right shape. 
Maybe T. rex could snap bones into smaller pieces and just swallow, but 
can't see those teeth being able to crush bones.<<

Sorry, but there is evidance of bone crushing. Recently there has been 
found a Triceratops ilium with broken, crushed edge that has marks from 
Tyrannosaurus rex teeth. There is also a hadrosaur? femur that looks 
like swiss cheese from all the teeth marks. Yes, they have the seration 
marks, and are the right shape.

Also, Tyrannosaurus rex has the largest jaw muscles of ANY theropod and 
could have easily crushed their prey, or even bone. I've talked to 
Horner about this and he agrees.