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Re: Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal

Sorry - Dromies makes me think of old Joe camel's replacement spokes-model.
 I'd hate to see the list get flamed by the AZAD list for stealing a
nickname!  (Given adequate cover and the element of surprise, could a pack
of paleontologists conquer a well armed squadron of zookeepers?)

At 06:43 PM 9/11/97 -0400, D.I.G. wrote:
>To counteract the abhorrent linguistic plague of the dreaded "R" word,
>and drawing upon the mass sentience of this esteemed list, we would like
>to formally propose the following words for future usage.
>Dromy (singular) Dromies (plural)
>Velocy (singular) Velocies (plural)
>We think this hits the "cuteness" quotient right on the head. It should
>pass PC muster with the most stringent animal rights groups as well
>(although the secessionist government in Quebec may want an alternative
>spelling and we have to recognize that possibility in advance).
>Remember now, this is going out into the Ashkasic record and will be
>there for untold generations of everyday people. So think carefully,
>Will someone please come up with some way to vote on this so that we all
>know when it's official?  Is anyone a UN representative here?
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