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Feeling cranky this morning

          In the good-news-and-bad-news department, in today's mail I 
     received a booklet about the infamous Tyrannosaurus named Sue (I hope 
     that it turns out that the beast in question was really a male.  Given 
     all of its injuries, it would be fun to be able to say that life 
     wasn't easy for a boy named Sue).  The good news is that it has 
     several gorgeous color photographs of the specimen.  The bad news is 
     that the booklet is a Sotheby's catalog.  
     <Intemperate remarks to follow; please disregard if any of the 
     following is offensive>
     The phrase "bottom-feeders" came irresistibly to mind.  But that's 
     unfair.  I spent several years of my life as a marine biologist 
     studying the food habits of deep-sea crabs and demersal fishes, during 
     which time I developed a great deal of respect for bottom-feeders.  
     You may now draw the appropriate inference....
     The preceding are my own thoughts and feelings, and do not reflect the 
     official position of anybody else, yadda yadda yadda blah blah