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New Bird Evolution Book

Hi all --

        This just came to me across the NHBS wire -- I hadn't heard of it
until now, but I thought it might interest you all:


225 Million Years of Evolution
Sankar Chatterjee
The first detailed, illustrated, and comprehensive review of the fossil record
of birds in a modern phylogenetic context. Distinguished palaeontologist
Chattergee provides a clear and exciting chronology documenting the long
odyssey of birds since Protoavis - which may have taken to the air some 75
million years before the widely known `first bird', Archaeopterix.
It discusses the significance of all the many recently discovered bird and
possible bird fossils, from Europe to China to Latin America, outlines the
varying theories of how animal flight developed, and explains, in terms of
comparative anatomy, what makes a bird a bird. The book covers some of the
greatest events in avian development: their emergence in the Triassic pangean
world, their flight refinement and global diversification during the breakup
of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, their sudden decline at the
end-Cretaceous extinction, their rebound and explosive radiation during the
Cenozoic era, and finally, their close involvement with humankind.  304 pages,
92 illus.
Price:GBP33 Due January 1998 NHBS Stock Code:#68783A hardback
Johns Hopkins UP, USA


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