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Re: Clear and Concisely what R the error <JP errata?>

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Edd T wrote:

> All this talk and I really have seen a clear list
> of the problems with JP and TLW
> oh I have heard about the raptor size (Utah or Veloca?)
> maybe there should be an errata for all fiction dealing with
> dinos and have it posted on a semi regular basis
> just a thought

I just suggested exactly the same thing in an email discussion recently.
Writing it would give the JP detractors something to do, having it would
give us all something to refer people to, and reading it would give those
people some education.

Which would save us all a lot of currently wasted bandwidth.

I'm not really competent to write such a thing myself, but I could provide
a basic outline to get the ball rolling if I thought anyone knowlegeable 
would step in to complete it.

And _that_ shouldn't be a problem. After all, so many people here
proclaim, directly or indirectly, their competence to refute JP, that
there should be no shortage of people willing to take on such a task.

I guess we'll see who can put their mouth where their mouth is.  :-)

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