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(Fwd) Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal

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Date:          Thu, 11 Sep 1997 18:43:31 -0400
Reply-to:      dinosaur@dinosaur.org
From:          "D.I.G." <dinosaur@interport.net>
To:            Dinosaur Mailing List <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject:       Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal

To counteract the abhorrent linguistic plague of the dreaded "R" word,
and drawing upon the mass sentience of this esteemed list, we would like
to formally propose the following words for future usage.

Dromy (singular) Dromies (plural)

Velocy (singular) Velocies (plural)

We think this hits the "cuteness" quotient right on the head. It should
pass PC muster with the most stringent animal rights groups as well
(although the secessionist government in Quebec may want an alternative
spelling and we have to recognize that possibility in advance).

Remember now, this is going out into the Ashkasic record and will be
there for untold generations of everyday people. So think carefully,

Will someone please come up with some way to vote on this so that we all
know when it's official?  Is anyone a UN representative here?



Why do we need new names for the Dromaeosauridae and 
Velociraptorinae?!  This is a scientific list.  No one cares if the 
names for dinosaurs are "cute". If scientists had wanted that, we 
would have Sweetlittlesauruses and Daddyslittleraptor.  I see no need 
to abbreviate the names of clades, and if there was a need, we would 
at least use something more like Dromae. and Veloc.  This is a 
scientific list so I'm sure that no one will ratify the proposal.  
Sorry if you're looking for some _real_ information on dinosaurs, but 
I had to vent.  I hope people will stop using inane abbreviations.