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Re: Clear and Concisely what R the error <JP errata?>

prime@winternet.com (Chuck Prime) wrote:

>On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Edd T wrote:
>> All this talk and I really have seen a clear list
>> of the problems with JP and TLW
>> oh I have heard about the raptor size (Utah or Veloca?)
>> maybe there should be an errata for all fiction dealing with
>> dinos and have it posted on a semi regular basis
>> just a thought
>I just suggested exactly the same thing in an email discussion recently..
>Writing it would give the JP detractors something to do, having it would
>give us all something to refer people to, and reading it would give those
>people some education.


>I guess we'll see who can put their mouth where their mouth is.  :-)

Just thought I'd toot my own horn a little here, and refer you both (and anyone
else interested) to "Dino-Boy Celeskey's Two-Bit Guide to The Lost World",
currently up on the Paleo-Pop Pulpit at the Hairy Museum's website:


In it, I list the dinosaurs (and pterosaur) that appeared in the film and what
was good, bad, and ugly about their big-screen portrayal. It's not a
comprehensive list (though I haven't seen anything else quite like it), nor is
it compiled by a professional paleontologist, its just a smart-alecky critique
of the film's dinos.

Also of interest is the list of TLW errors at The Dinosaur Interplanetary
Gazette website:


Where the D.I.G. gang compiled a bunch of the film's errors.