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Re: Clear and Concisely what R the error <JP errata?>

>> maybe there should be an errata for all fiction dealing with
>> dinos and have it posted on a semi regular basis
>> just a thought
>I just suggested exactly the same thing in an email discussion recently.
>Writing it would give the JP detractors something to do, having it would
>give us all something to refer people to, and reading it would give those
>people some education.
>Which would save us all a lot of currently wasted bandwidth.

Severe rant to follow...

Please, people, PLEASE don't do this!  The JP/LW horse has been beaten to
death already.

This list was established to talk about dinosaurs.  Yes, there were some
interesting ideas in JP and LW, but they were all completely conjectural.
We aren't here to conjecture, but to try to find and discuss actual answers.
These threads about velociraptors fighting marines, movie errors, airplane
names, comic books, and the like are of little (if any) relevance to the
purpose of this list.  The JP/LW movies are FICTION.  If you want to talk
about fiction, please take it off list.

>And _that_ shouldn't be a problem. After all, so many people here
>proclaim, directly or indirectly, their competence to refute JP, that
>there should be no shortage of people willing to take on such a task.

Again, it's a movie.  A movie!  Not a documentary, not a news report, not an
interview with someone who actually knows anything about dinosaurs, nor
anything else that can even be remotely considered relevant to this list.
There is nothing there to "refute" since it isn't science in the first

Neither movies were science.  This list is about science.  Please make the
distinction and post accordingly.

Tempe, Arizona