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Re: Clear and Concisely what R the error <JP errata?>

Chuck Prime wrote:

 > I just suggested exactly the same thing in an email discussion recently.
 > Writing it would give the JP detractors something to do, having it would
 > give us all something to refer people to, and reading it would give those
 > people some education.
 > Which would save us all a lot of currently wasted bandwidth.

Have you ever considered checking the DML Archives? I'm sure there's a
pantload of JP/TLW analysis there already.

 > I'm not really competent to write such a thing myself, but I could provide
 > a basic outline to get the ball rolling if I thought anyone knowlegeable
 > would step in to complete it.
 > And _that_ shouldn't be a problem. After all, so many people here
 > proclaim, directly or indirectly, their competence to refute JP, that
 > there should be no shortage of people willing to take on such a task.
 > I guess we'll see who can put their mouth where their mouth is.  :-)

Right. Like I don't have anything better to do with *my* time...

I've got a better idea. Since you seem to take umbrage with anyone of the
opinion that JP and its spawn are nothing more than nonsense, I think that
the onus is on *you* to prove that there is actually something worthwhile
about it.
So there. Nyahh... ;-)

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)