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Re: Dinosaur Popularity (was Re: Semper Die(again))

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> I want to clear up a major misconception tossed around:
> > At 02:25 PM 9/12/97 -0500, Chuck Prime wrote:
> > They put Bakker on TV;
> Nope.  Sorry.  

I second that, Dr. Holtz! 

Fact is, at least one generation of kids hungry for paleontological
truth has grown up on Dr. Bob and Dr. Jack (and Ostrom and Gillette, and
Kirkland and Currie). And Thom is right, Spielberg went to Horner
BECAUSE he had become a media paleontologist (like Bakker) via public
television and video re-release.  

Jurassic Park and the like may help inspire continued public interest,
but the really encouraging part is this --- the fascination (including
Michael Crichton's fascination) started with nonfiction. Hollywood's
blitz took off from there. 

Now I'll go back to my study of paleontological dress codes (I'm still
trying to picture that Barbie blouse in the field).