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Re: (Fwd) Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal

Christopher Straughn wrpte:

> Why do we need new names for the Dromaeosauridae and Velociraptorinae?!
>This > is a scientific list.  No one cares if the names for dinosaurs are
>"cute". If > scientists had wanted that, we would have Sweetlittlesauruses
>and             > Daddyslittleraptor.  I see no need to abbreviate the
>names of clades, and if  > there was a need, we would at least use
>something more like Dromae. and Veloc.  > This is a scientific list so I'm
>sure that no one will ratify the proposal.
> Sorry if you're looking for some _real_ information on dinosaurs, but I
>had to > vent.  I hope people will stop using inane abbreviations.

I second the motion. All in favor?

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)