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Re: Dinosaur Popularity (was Re: Semper Die(again))

kmh wrote:


> Jurassic Park and the like may help inspire continued public interest,
> but the really encouraging part is this --- the fascination (including
> Michael Crichton's fascination) started with nonfiction. Hollywood's
> blitz took off from there.


Perhaps, if you go back to the beginning, it is not quite so easy to see
where the fascination really started:

Someone, of course, discovered bones.... Chinese peasants, early
Amerinds, stuffy British countryfolk rooting around in their gardens,
but it took artists to create images that appealed to the popular
imagination. Initially these were drawings and paintings, more recently,

The Paper Dinosaurs exhibit points this out admirably as does our (soon
to open) Celluloid Dinosaurs series.

What I'd like to suggest is that like the circle with no beginning or
end, there is a synergy between paleontology, painting, and movies that
is impossible to separate into its component parts. Clearly, it is
historically short sighted to give Jurassic Park so much credit, or
Bakker for that matter: it's a sort of ongoing evolution with the
soapbox switching hands from time to time.


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