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Re: Dinosaur Popularity (was Re: Semper Die(again))

D.I.G. wrote:
> kmh wrote:
> Jurassic Park and the like may help inspire continued public interest,
> but the really encouraging part is this --- the fascination (including
> Michael Crichton's fascination) started with nonfiction. Hollywood's
> blitz took off from there.
> ES wrote:
> Perhaps, if you go back to the beginning, it is not quite so easy to  > see 
> where the fascination really started:

Lord, ES --- I wasn't talking about the BEGINNING beginning of paleo
pulsating.  I meant this round. Crichton is a notorious reader.  He
sucks down information like must of us suck down soda. So when he read
about DNA studies, an idea took flight. 

(OH, btw, I can believe I left the charming and constantly videographed
Jim Farlow out of my media man list.  How could I have forgotten those
timeless shots near the Paluxy...the ever dapper Farlow perched on a
classic motorbike?  Be still my girlish heart.  <g>)

And yes, I have seen the Paper Dinosaurs Exhibit.  I wrote an article
about it for the Dino Times.  GREAT exhibit with an amazing $12.00
booklet to go with it, btw.  And yes, I concede the origin of this
topic, on a broader level, is as old as human imagination. 

But for me and this post, I was referencing something a little more

Now can SOMEONE send me that bizzare Barbie gif?  It's begun to
strangely haunt my dreams.

sleepless girl dino writer