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Re: T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

At 20.48 11/09/97 EDT, you wrote:
>am not familiar enough with the Old World family of vultures to be able
>to comment on their abilities to find prey by the sense of smell.

In the european vultures the sense of smell doesn't seeem to play any role,
as in most bird species; specific references can be found among others in
Fischer (1969), de la Fuente (1970), Perco (1995). The food research is
based on sight: the griffon-vulture (_Gyps fulvus_) is able to identify
objects of 10 cm of diameter from an altitude of 1,000 m (Glutz _et al._,
1971). Important is also observation of others scavengers, like crows,
serving as indicators.

Eugenio Spreafico