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OK. I saw the movie.....
I was sitting, repeating "damn" through all the film.....
JP is *Whimpy* compared.....
The pachycephalosaur, stegosaurs, the young T. rex.....
And the end of the fimn, how I loved the end of the film.....
Guess who's going to buy the video, so he can wach the movie whenever he 
wants to....
I appologize to all I was mad at, because they chattered about that 

What a film!!


Some propaganda:

Bah! Why go watch JP, or LW? 
Why spend money on a lot of foolish dinosaur books?
Why cry out the salt tears, because they didn't have the dinosaur stuff 
you wanted?
When you can enjoy all that, et the same time, just by clicking on the 


Have fun!