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Re: What's Wrong With Dino Encyclopedia?

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Chuck Prime wrote:

> What is wrong with the Dinosaur Encyclopedia? You see, I had a copy only
> briefly and thus never became too familiar with it, but I recently
> referred another member of the list to it, believing it was worth having
> around as reference material.
> So what's the deal? Is there a reason that book should be avoided?

I personally think that is fine for very general information about
dinosaurs, and has a decent generic list.  However, there are many
contradictions with the text, birds are not considered dinosaurs (Incl.
Archaeopteryx), and it is full of little typos, misprints, and other
errors which suggest that there was not too much editing done.  I'm sure
I'm leaving things out, but I'm also sure that someone else will respond