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Re: rex scavenge (was: DROMAEOSAUR "SICKLE" CLAWS)

At 12:00 PM 9/12/97 -0600, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>     This is certianyl useful, but is it neccessary?  If the carcass 
>is within feasably walking distance, and the T.rex gets a full belly
>(complete energy refund), what difference does it make?

The issue is one of required rates.  At the vultures low search costs, it
can get by on meager pickings.  A T. rex, with its higher search *requires*
more just to get by.

This difference in the break-even point is the key problem with a primarily
scavenging T. rex.  The cost/benefit ratio for ground scavenging is too
high for T. rex to be able to rely on that source.

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