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Re: Semper Die(again)

I have a suggestion for anyone, willing, to play with.  Last year there was
a movie about the lives of insects called Microcosms.  It was filmed in a
documentary style and looked at the intricate interactions of various
insects and their terrestrial arthropod relatives.  There was no narration,
or words describing the action, just music.  With modern C.G. technology,
why can't they make a really nice, **ACCURATE**, movie based on dinosaurs
(similar to Bakker's creation of Raptor Red, except without the silly names
and anthropomorphic characters).  It could be one of those IMAX (Omni-Max
depending on where you're from) films and the proceeds could go toward
dinosaur science. If the "other" recent dino. films drew alot of people to
see them, why couldn't this? 

Well, it's just an idea from an idealistic under-grad.

Casey T.
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio 

> From: Kevin James Dracon <jconrad@lib.drury.edu>
> To: Chris Campbell <sankarah@ou.edu>
> Cc: WhitcraJ@SMTPLINK.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU; dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: Semper Die(again)
> Date: Thursday, September 11, 1997 9:24 PM
> It seems that a lot of people are down on JP and TLW.  However, I believe
> that these movies have greatly increased the public interest in
> This may mean (I could be wrong) that more people will go to the museums,
> and if so (this is really sticking my neck out) perhaps there will be
> more money going into paleontology because of this.  SO, even though it
> may be inaccurate in many ways and somewhat misinforming to the public,
> the movie industry is helping paleontology overall (if my hypothesis is
> correct) and therefore should be spared at least some of the tongue
> lashings.  
> This is just my opinion, flame at will.
> Raw Jack (ready to be roasted)