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Re: (Fwd) Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal

Christopher Straughn wrote:

> Subject:       Dromies and Velocies - A Formal Proposal
> To counteract the abhorrent linguistic plague of the dreaded "R" word,

> Why do we need new names for the Dromaeosauridae and
> Velociraptorinae?!  This is a scientific list.  No one cares if the
> names for dinosaurs are "cute". If scientists had wanted that, we
> would have Sweetlittlesauruses and Daddyslittleraptor.  I see no need
> to abbreviate the names of clades, and if there was a need, we would
> at least use something more like Dromae. and Veloc.  This is a
> scientific list so I'm sure that no one will ratify the proposal.
> Sorry if you're looking for some _real_ information on dinosaurs, but
> I had to vent.

> I hope people will stop using inane abbreviations.

The point, I think, made with tongue firmly in cheek, is that
nomenclature is of PRIME concern to people on this list: a great deal of
energy is expended on it, and sometimes, rather proscriptively. We're
all for both setting a good example, and for giving kids a little slack
to get interested in the first place, whatever it takes to do that.

That, of course, is a matter of educational philosophies, and this is
not really the place to argue that, but it would seem to be of
significant concern to the scientific community to at least interface
with common linguistic usage --  if only to correct it  -- rather than
meeting it head on like a brick wall.

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