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Re: Semper Die(again)

On Sat, 13 Sep 1997, Casey Tucker wrote:

> I have a suggestion for anyone, willing, to play with.  Last year there was
> a movie about the lives of insects called Microcosms.  It was filmed in a
> documentary style and looked at the intricate interactions of various
> insects and their terrestrial arthropod relatives.  There was no narration,
> or words describing the action, just music.  With modern C.G. technology,
> why can't they make a really nice, **ACCURATE**, movie based on dinosaurs
> (similar to Bakker's creation of Raptor Red, except without the silly names
> and anthropomorphic characters).  It could be one of those IMAX (Omni-Max
> depending on where you're from) films and the proceeds could go toward
> dinosaur science. If the "other" recent dino. films drew alot of people to
> see them, why couldn't this? 
> Well, it's just an idea from an idealistic under-grad.
> Casey T.
> TUCKERCJ@MUohio.edu
> Miami University
> Oxford, Ohio 

I think that's an AWESOME idea!!  That would be great!!  I wish someone on
this list knew of some way to get it done!! (actually, that's more of a
hope :)