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Pete Von Sholly wrote:

> Well, experience has been a bitter teacher in this regard (meaning big talk
> and expectations),  BUT there is a big 3-D (no less) IMAX film in the works
> called "T-Rex" that's supposed to be a factual depiction of the way things
> were.  I hope so, but...
> It's CG with live action plates and features several key Cretaceous types.

The company producing this film contacted The Dinosaur Studio months ago,
seeking sculptors for the project. What they described at the time had
NOTHING to with real dinosaurs (dinosaurs from different locations in space
and time co-habiting, _Dryptosaurus_ was a featured dinosaur, that sort of
thing). They also didn't seem to want to spend any money to get accurate
sculptures done (The Dinosaur Studio didn't get the job), so who knows what
this film will end up looking like.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)