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Re: Semper Die(again)

Peter Von Sholly wrote:
> Well, experience has been a bitter teacher in this regard 
> (meaning big talk and expectations),  BUT there is a big 
> 3-D (no less) IMAX film in the works called "T-Rex" that's
> supposed to be a factual depiction of the way things were.  
> I hope so, but...
> It's CG with live action plates and features several key 
> Cretaceous types.----------

WAIT!  WHO WHO WHO WHO???  Who is making this film and how can 
I get in touch with him/her/them?  This sounds like a girl dino 
article idea if ever I heard one.  Seriously, if you can offer 
me any leads, if anyone out there can, I'd be grateful.  Gotta 
keep my little girls fed. <g>