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Re: Feeling cranky this morning

> In the good-news-and-bad-news department, in today's mail 
> I received a booklet about the infamous Tyrannosaurus named 
> Sue (I hope that it turns out that the beast in question was 
> really a male.  Given all of its injuries, it would be fun to 
> be able to say that life wasn't easy for a boy named Sue). The 
> good news is that it has several gorgeous color photographs of 
> the specimen.  The bad news is that the booklet is a Sotheby's > catalog.
> <Intemperate remarks to follow; please disregard if any of the
>  following is offensive>
> The phrase "bottom-feeders" came irresistibly to mind.  But 
> that's unfair.  I spent several years of my life as a marine 
> biologist studying the food habits of deep-sea crabs and 
> demersal fishes, during which time I developed a great deal 
> of respect for bottom-feeders.
> You may now draw the appropriate inference....
> The preceding are my own thoughts and feelings, and do not reflect 
> the official position of anybody else, yadda yadda yadda blah blah
> blah....

Two things.  

1)  My utmost respect and appreciation to Jim Farlow for having the
    personal integrity and gonads to actually SAY what he thinks
    (and my compliments...your disclaimers always make me smile).

2)  How can I get this booklet?