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Re: Semper Die(again)

In reference to the idea of an IMAX dinosaur film.  I think I might know
the person we need to approach with the idea.  Wasn't the head producer of
the NOVA PBS series on the executive board of the Dinosaur Society about 10
years ago.  If I remember right NOVA made an IMAX film on special effects. 
I think her name is Paula Apsell.  If anyone has an address, or e-mail
address, for her, we could toss the idea into the ring.  Even if the show
was a regular movie, or Television Special (money coming from advertisers)
theoretically it could still make quite a pretty penny. (Then you look at
video sales, book deals, toys, posters, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc......)
This could move financing dinosaur science into the twenty-first century. 
Let the consumers of America finance and advance our science, especially
since the government isn't doing it.

Just a suggestion.

Casey T.
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio