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Re: dino and related books

Lora E. Nelson wrote:
> Hi All
> I am trying to improve my library of dinosaur and vertebrate
> paleo. books.  My funds for buying books are extremely limited, so
> I would like to get opinions on the following book (reply off list if
> you wish).
> David Norman: "Prehistoric Life:  The Rise of the Vertebrates".

I have this book, and like it a lot.  It tries to cover the entire sweep
of vertebrate life, roughly tracing vertebrate evolution from primitive
chordates to the present.  The large span means that it can't cover any
one area very deeply, but it does a very good job (IMO) with the space
that it has.  For someone with limited resources, it's probably about as
good an overview of vertebrate life through time as you're likely to

I would Not, however, buy it retail until I was sure I had no choice.  I
see it fairly frequently on "bargain book" shelves at Border's Books &
Music, and also occasionally at used-book stores.  Even Amazon.com, on
the World Wide Web, can probably get it for you cheaper than a local

-- JSW