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Re: TLW and JP and the accuracy of authors

At 08:26 -0500 10/9/97, Harold Hutchison wrote:
>  Folks,
>       Fair enough.  Sorry, I'm used to the level of research that
>  Tom Clancy has done for his books.  Guess Spielberg is not up to that
>  standard.  See if I belive one more word he says about dinosaurs
>  AGAIN...

>From what people who know the subject areas of Clancy's novels say,
Clancy is even worse with respect to accuracy than Spielberg or Chrichton.

I've heard the same said of James A Michener, his books are extremely
and tediously well researched, yet people I know one person who said
that "he'd loved all Micheners books until he read the one about
South Africa, and saw how badly wrong he was with respect to the history
of the boers".  I suspect people from Alaska, or NASA probably feel the

What appears to the none expert to be well researched literature usually
leaves something to be desired if it undergoes expert scrutiny.

Unless an author manages to fit a lifetime of study in the two or
three year gap between novels this will always be the case.

Even if the author *did* manage to do this for a dinosaus, there
would *still* be major arguments over whether they got their facts
straight or not.

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