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Re: TLW and JP and the accuracy of authors

At 21:26 -0600 14/9/97, kmh wrote:
>Derek Tearne wrote:
>> >From what people who know the subject areas of Clancy's novels say,
>> > Clancy is even worse with respect to accuracy than Spielberg
>Wait, wait, wait.  Clancy is a friend of mine and although I can't be
>certain, not being an expert in military didley-bobs, it is my
>understanding that the man busts his ass to research his books (so says
>Colin Powell, if that's a military name you can trust).

This was basically my point, even when an author who is not an expert
in a subject 'busts his ass' to research his books he will get a
fair amount wrong.  Now I don't know didley-bobs about the military
stuff either, but I pretty much gave up on Clancy after his depiction
of life in Britain, the behaviour of the royal family and IRA terrorists.

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