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Re: TLW and JP and the accuracy of authors

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
> To all of you writers out there: this doesn't have to be the case.
> In your contract/letter agreement/whatever, request final approval of
> any changes to your submitted text.  It's done all of the time.
> You don't have to be Patricia Lauber to get it.  If your publisher
> claims to offer non-fiction, then how can they say no to you with a
> clear conscience?
> Take it from someone who has his finger on the pulse of publishing!
> Larry

OUCH!  Of course Larry didn't mean to slap me in the face and imply my
decade of experience counts for absolutely nothing.  And of course,
there are houses devoted to accuracy.  However, those of us slaving away
to make a living as writers aren't always able to cling only to those
better houses.  

But then maybe I don't have my finger on the right pulse.