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Flight question

GSP asked from some recent references on the origin of flight.Consider:
    Form & Function in Avian Flight. J.M.V. Rayner (1988). Current Ornithology
      5: 1-66
    Avian Flight Evolution and the problem of Archaeopteryx. in Biomechanics
      in Evolution. Rayner and Wooten, Eds., (1991). Soc. Exptl. Biol.
      Seminar series #36 p 183-211

    Measuring leg thrust forces in the Common Starling (1996)  Bosner &
      Rayner J. Exptl. Biol. 199:435-439

    Functional osteology of the avian wrist and the evolution of flapping
      flight. (1992) R.J. Vazquez J. Morph. 211-250-268
    The automaking skeletal and muscular mechanisms of the avian wing.
      R.J. Vazquez. Zoomorphology 114:59-71

    The beginnings of Flapping Bird Flight (1997) )strom, Poore and Goslow,
      Unpublished--included in the Prec of DINOFEST. in press

     These might be a start.