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     To interject my own thoughts into the question of tyrannosaur 
     scavenging, see J.O. Farlow, 1994.  Speculations about the 
     carrion-locating ability of tyrannosaurs.  Historical Biology 7: 
     159-165.  Among other tasteless musings, this paper cites one of my 
     all-time favorite publications:  N.K. Bhatty.  1971.  Chemical 
     composition of the decay products of human bodies.  Master's thesis, 
     University of Birmingham.
     In other news, it has come to my attention this morning that a humor 
     discussion list is broadcasting over the Net an essay that Mikey 
     Brett-Surman and I wrote about how many lawyers it would take to feed 
     a _Tyrannosaurus_.  Unfortunately, the unknown individual who posted 
     this essay failed to indicate its source.  It appears in J.O. Farlow 
     and M.K. Brett-Surman (editors), _The Complete Dinosaur_, Indiana 
     University Press, and will be published next month.  I've no idea how 
     the person who posted it got hold of it, but I would have had no 
     problem with it, if only s/he had indicated its source--and that said 
     source also has other witty (I hope--or maybe stupid, if I'm 
     honest--verbal bon mots therein), apart from the serious stuff about