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Re: TLW and JP and the accuracy of authors

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
> You need money?  Fine; we all do.  Just don't run away from the
> responsibility that comes with your decisions.

Hmmm...so let me get this right.  Seems I have two choices here. 

1) I can write for the majority of the better children's magazines that
REQUIRE editorial control (contractually) and FEED my kids.  


2)  I can stand "responsibly" on integrity while my kids sleep ... in a
refrigerator box.

Jeez, I AM being irresponsible. How WILL I sleep at night? 

Sarcasm aside, I do my best to press the issue. And after ten years,
most of my magazine editors allow me final review out of courtesy, NOT
conscience.  Because I have a top notch rep with my editors, MOST (not
all, but MOST) allow me special consideration when it comes to what I
write on paleo. They know my heart is there invested, not just my
professional prowess. 

But Larry, you are dreaming if you think kids editors will allow a
writer that kind of control based on "morality."   

First, most writers are NOT that careful.  Most editors go to press
HOPING they didn't let something stupid slip at the hands of a hack. 

Secondly, if they allowed that kind of back and forth editing process,
they'd never go to press on TIME.  

Maybe your publishing pulse throbs in other, finer arenas.  Maybe I'll
work my way up to that nirvanna one day.  But I guarantee, anyone
already in that heavenly place --- if it exists --- GOT THERE from here.
And they didn't get their with a primadonna attitude in tact. 

If all this makes me "irresponsible," so be it.