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Dinosaur Books

In last week's list, there were several postings concerning the merits of 
Lessem et al.'s  
"Dinosaur Encyclopedia", with rather different opinions about it.

Since there are correspondants from several countries in this list, and many of 
us inhabit quite 
far from the States, often we don't have the latest releases available for 
browsing as soon as 
we wish. Sometimes we mail order just on a succint catalog information or 
author's fame only, 
and quite often we get stuck with lousy material, not worth the paper it's 
printed on!

Even those who live two blocks away from Amazon Books General Headquarters, not 
have the chance, or the time, or the bucks to review every book is published.

I'm not asking for a Top Ten of dino books, but I think it would be a good 
service to everybody to 
find in the list, every now and then, comments on books just published, how 
complete and/or 
accurate they are, the quality of the images, pros and cons to help make a 
purchasing decision  
to those of us who are mail order bounded to keep our library updated.

(Of course, I know your book is the BESTEST, *kel, but infortunately, I live 
10.000 miles away 
from the places it names... Aren't you planning to write a sequel on South 
American sites, by 
any chance?)   ;)