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Re: TLW and JP and the accuracy of authors

The title of this thread refers to the accuracy of authors, but I came
across an interesting instance when, to all appearances, the writing of a
dinosaur book was fairly accurate but the illustrations were not. I refer
to a dinosaur book for children with "text by Peter Dodson and Peter
Lerangis." On the verso page was this note (in fine print): "Peter Dodson
was involved in preparing the text but not the illustrations of <this
book>." The illustrations did leave much to be desired. (No contributors
to this list were the culprit, of course. Dodson and Lerangis were
co-authors. I see no point in identifying the illustrator.)

Often a writer has little say in who will illustrate a book. Publishers
often have a stable of favorites that they employ. Obviously the publisher
thought the illustrations were okay (or they had already paid for them and
didn't want to have them re-done).

----- Amado Narvaez