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Re: Dinosaur Books

tuckr@digital.net wrote:
> > So, on that note, what's others' opinions on Horner's newest book 
> > ("Dinosaur Lives")?
>     Positive. Horner's honest about his interpretations and disagreements, 
> and he credits others for their
> findings and insights.

A drastic understatement, IMHO.  I think DINOSAUR LIVES is EXTREMELY
good.  I bought it new, in hardcover, which is an honor that not many
books receive from me.  I usually see little reason to pay $25 or $30
for one new book when that same $25 or $30 will get me two or three
secondhand books.

Horner may blow his own horn a bit strong, but I've got no problem with
that.  He's earned it.  The stuff about how to _really_ test one of your
pet ideas -- start looking for evidence to _dis_prove it -- struck a
chord, because it's something that not many scientists seem to do.  Not
many of those who get a lot of public attention, anyway.  No offense to
anyone present intended, but the more stuff I hear and read about Jack
Horner, and by Jack Horner, the more I think he's the quintessential
paleontologist, the one we all ought to try to model ourselves after. 
Not in opinions, but in attitude and methodology.  

-- JSW