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Accessing Velociraptor fossils & questions

   Can a person who is not a professional paleontologist access
unmounted fossils for study?  If so, how do you go about doing this?
I would like to see the fossils of Velociraptor antirrhopus for a
wood carving I am working on.  I think the Yale Peabody Museum and the
American Museum of Natural History have these fossils.  I have spent over
a year on the head and want to do the body full scale.
   Velociraptor (theropod) breathing confuses me.  It appears that air
going through internal nostrils goes into the mouth about half the way
back.  Unless lips completely sealed the mouth, internal nostrils do not
seem right.  How would a theropod force air through them?  Paul, 1988 in
PDW, p 98, implies some theropods had soft secondary palates.  Is this
accepted and would velociraptors have them.  In fact, has anyone prepared
a pneumatic diagram of theropod heads (and necks)?
        Mark Shelly