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Re: T-rex predation

>Dann Pigdon wrote:
>> Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:
>> > > I don't know too much about energy budgets, etc., but offhand I can't
>> > > think of any modern ecosystems where the *largest* carnivore is
>> > > primarily a scavenger.
>>         Crocodiles for a start. In some parts of northern Australia
>> crocs feed almost exclusively on the remains of cattle that become
>> bogged in the mud besides waterholes. And the crocodile is the
>> largest living carnivore in Australia (and an archosaur to boot).
>But you're talking one population.  It's safe to say this doesn't
>necessarily apply to crocs as a whole; on the Serengeti, for example,
>they chomp antelope by the dozens.  No need for scavenging when you can
>just sit in a waterhole and wait for a tommy to stick its head in your
>mouth . . .

Most ecosystems where large crocs are present, they are both the top
carnivore and (usually) extensive, opportunistic scavengers. Your example
of crocs in Africa ignores the seasonality of antelopes as a resource.
During the wet season, they and other animals are less inclined to approach
large water hole because other waterholes are available and crocs usually
resort to scavenging to make up for the loss.



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd