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Re: New Montana Dinosaur

You wrote: 
>According to an AP wire service story today, a team of paleontologists
>and diggers led by Keith Rigby of Notre Dame University is currently
>working on excavating what may be the largest theropod dinosaur ever
>Rigby believes the dinosaur is either a new species, or a truly
>gargantuan specimen of _Tyrannosaurus rex_. 

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the AP really screwed up what Keith 
said. The news media always makes sound bites/read bites to sound 
really good. Last year Dave Gillette was intervied by CNN about a new 
morrison theropo
d that was found in Utah? CNN ran that Dave said it was a new genus. I 
later talked to Dave at the SVP, what he said was it was more likely an 
Allosaurus or a Ceratosaurus, or possibly a new genus. CNN cut out the 
rus and Ceratosaurus and just ran the new genus. Talk about totally 
misquoteing... So, I guess I'll just have to talk to Keith at the SVP, 
if he's there.