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unusual question

I am a graduate student of nuclear physics, so I am not really an expert in 
dinosaurs. I have a question that will be strange for you, but it is serious.
I would like to ask whether you see any possibility for the existence of a 
very smart, let's say intelligent dinosaur at the end of the Cretaceous.
As you also know the Troodon was a quite intelligent dinosaur and as I know 
they had the same brain/body mass ratio like the baboons or large male gorillas 
( from Carl Sagan ). And they were existing 10-15 million years before the 
extinction. If I see only this I would say they had time enough to evolve to a 
really intelligent species.
I have a very strong reason why I am asking this. Reading a lot about the 
observations and theories of the K-T extinction and later on doing some 
experiments on the material of the K-T boundary layer I have got 
a clear picture that perhaps not something but someone caused the extinction.
( If you are interested in this, see the next issue of the Prehistoric Times 
magazine, they will publish my article about it ). 
So do you think that's possible?

I am also looking after some people who have some possibility to measure noble 
gas isotopic compositions. I think some of this sort of measurement would be 
enough to find the doubtless evidence about this question.

Gabor Bihari