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Re: New Montana Dinosaur

Tracy Ford wrote:
> You wrote:
> >
> >According to an AP wire service story today, a team of paleontologists
> >and diggers led by Keith Rigby of Notre Dame University is currently
> >working on excavating what may be the largest theropod dinosaur ever
> >discovered.
> >
> >Rigby believes the dinosaur is either a new species, or a truly
> >gargantuan specimen of _Tyrannosaurus rex_.
> I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the AP really screwed up what Keith
> said. 

I would, since there were direct quotes in the article.  For example:

        "There is some possibility that it may be new, and T-rex may have 
        to become 'T-who?'" Rigby said from his university office Tuesday.

Whatever other faults they have, AP reporters rarely make up entire

Further information: the theropod fossil is only one of a number of
dinosaurs found in a sizable bone bed extending over several acres.  The
site is located outside Glasgow, almost 300 miles north of Billings,
Montana.  Rigby is also quoted as saying, "It may encompass 15 acres. 
If that is true, and if the
diversity and number of bones continue in the abundance we've seen so
far, it'll be the largest and most diverse Late Cretaceous dinosaur
locality in the world."

The Waltons lost their farm to the FSA in a foreclosure, which they
claim was illegal.  It will probably take another lawsuit to settle the
ownership of the land and the fossil.  

-- JSW