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Re: New theropod from Montana

At 09:19 PM 9/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>According to an AP wire service story today, a team of paleontologists
>and diggers led by Keith Rigby of Notre Dame University is currently
>working on excavating what may be the largest theropod dinosaur ever


>This family gave Rigby
>permission to dig there.  However, he later became suspicious and made a
>land records search.  He found that the fmaily did not own the land,
>that it had been seized by the federal Farm Service Agency several years


Bloody hell, NOT AGAIN!!

Why doesn't this happen to the mammal workers?  The trilobite guys?!  Why is
it always tyrannosaurs!?!?!?!

(Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have gone into a less stressful job, like
neurosurgeon or bomb defuser... :-S ).

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