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Re: T.rex bite marks

At 06:52 PM 9/16/97 -0600, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>     To summarize my thoughts...yes T.rex probably hunted for
>a large portion, or even most of its diet because the local carcass
>biomass probably wasn't enough to subsist on, but the size of the
>olfactory bulb implies to me it could have had specializations toward
>scavenging that went beyond just stumbling across carcasses when it was
>out hunting. 

   I saw a documentary recently that had raptors spooking large flocks of
geese in order to find a bird that was easy pickings.  It's often said that
mammaliam predators pick out the weak, sick or infirm out of large herds to
minimize the chase.  I wonder if a large olfactory bulb would have been
helpful to a _T. rex_ trying to find easy pickingings in one of those huge
herds of hardrosaurs that were apparently around then?

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