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Re: New Bird Evolution Book

At 06:28 PM 9/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> >225 Million Years of Evolution
>> >Sankar Chatterjee
>     A second bird book by an expert with a strong minority opinion.
>With all respect to Dr. Chatterjee (and even Dr. Fedducia),  I'm still
>waiting for somebody to produce an up to date bird evolution book that
>explores in detail the more mainstream opinion of bird origins from later
>Mesozoic theropods.

Tim Rowe & (somebody? Lowell Dingus, maybe) have a book coming out soon on
just this topic.

Incidentally, except for extending birds back to the Triassic, Chatterjee's
phylogeny for birds within Theropoda is very conventional (see the Protoavis
and Shuvosaurus papers).

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