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Re: T.rex bite marks

Jeff Poling wrote:
> At 06:52 PM 9/16/97 -0600, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
> >     To summarize my thoughts...yes T.rex probably hunted for
> >a large portion, or even most of its diet because the local carcass
> >biomass probably wasn't enough to subsist on, but the size of the
> >olfactory bulb implies to me it could have had specializations toward
> >scavenging that went beyond just stumbling across carcasses when it was
> >out hunting.
>    I saw a documentary recently that had raptors spooking large flocks of
> geese in order to find a bird that was easy pickings.  It's often said that
> mammaliam predators pick out the weak, sick or infirm out of large herds to
> minimize the chase.  I wonder if a large olfactory bulb would have been
> helpful to a _T. rex_ trying to find easy pickingings in one of those huge
> herds of hardrosaurs that were apparently around then?

Interesting notion.  Wolves do have a much higher success rate with prey
animals that they can get to run.  Maybe there were olfactory cues given
off by infirm dinosaurs.  Maybe some kind of skin bacterium that smelled
bad and became more common on animals in poor condition.

-- JSW