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Re: New Bird Evolution Book and the Montana Mess

 In response to Thomas Holtz's posting, the new book he speaks of is _The
Mistaken Extinction_ By Lowell Dingus and Timothy Rowe, W.H.Freeman and Co.,
1997, $34.95. I haven't seen it yet, but there's supposed to be two of my
paintings of marine reptiles in it. No feathers on the mosasaurs- sorry.
 There has been talk here of the auction of Sue and now there's the new
theropod in Montana with all new legal problems. Even though people are
separated by tens, even hundreds of miles out on the short-grass prairies,
news spreads out there even faster than wildfire. When it was discovered that
foreign interests were willing to pay the Museum of the Rockies 600 times
(yes, at least 600 times) the amount of the check Maurice Williams held in
his hand, for their Tyrannosaurus, it was pretty much all over for collecting
on private land unless you could fork over the cash big time.
 There goes dinosaur science. Think real hard and try to think of who you
have to thank for that.
 Now that private land is essentially gone for the paleontologist and, most
importantly, the student, the only places left to turn to are collections and
public lands. And guess who's after the public lands? 
 Dan Varner.