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Re: The Status of Dravidosaurus

In a message dated 97-09-17 13:04:46 EDT, Steve.Tomporowski@us.ms.philips.com

<< What is the current status of the genus Dravidosaurus.  It was originally 
 described as a Cretaceous Stegosaur, from, I think, a partial skull, a 
 tooth, some armor plates, a spike, and some various bones (what was 
 found??).  Dinogeorge mentioned, I think in Dec 96, that Chatterjee called 
 it a plesiosaur, then someone subsequently mentioned it back to being a 
 stegosaur.  What's the story?  Are all the bones found belong to the same 
 animal? >>

This has been referred to Plesiosauria _incertae sedis_ by Chatterjee and
Rudra in

Chatterjee, S. & Rudra, D. K., 1996. "KT events in India: impact, rifting,
volcanism and dinosaur extinction," in Novas & Molnar, eds., 1996: 489532.

Novas, F. E. (not A.) & Molnar, R. E., eds., 1996. Proceedings of the
Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium, Brisbane, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum
39(3): iv + 489731 [December 20, 1996].

This is for the skeletal material. The referred tooth is certainly not
plesiosaurian but probably belongs to a small ornithischian.