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Incredibly preliminary size estimate for new T. rex

Okay, time for a totally unciteable, extraordinarily preliminary size
estimate for the new T. rex from Montana.

Grabbing the description of the type specimen of _T. rex_, I find that it
has a pubis length of 1250 mm (about 49.2 inches).  The new specimen is
reported at 54 inches, or about 10% longer.

Assuming (really unsafe assumption) isometry, the new _T. rex_ would have a
femur length of about 1430 mm (= length of the type (1300 mm) X 1.1), which
is 50 mm (about two inches) longer than the femur of "Sue".  It would be
just about the same femoral length as the type of _Giganotosaurus_
(variously reported as 1430 or 1440 mm).

So, taking these with a MAJOR chunk of halite (i.e., with more than just a
grain of salt...), this seems to be a _T. rex_ to rival the type specimen of
_Giganotosaurus_ now on display at the Academy of Natural Science in

Of course, there is that *second* specimen of _Giganotosaurus_ to deal with,
but that's a matter for another time...

P.S.  Assuming I have the time (HAH!), I'll try to hunt up other pubic
lengths in tyrannosaurids, and see how they scale against femur length.

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