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Re: Sinosauropteryx: 2 Questions

At 11:42 AM 9/17/97 -0700, Gigi Babcock or Ralph Miller III wrote:
>Of special interest to me is a talk entitled:
>_Implications of Soft Tissue Preservation in the Compsognathid Dinosaur,
><Sinosauropteryx>_, presented by Nicholas R. Geist, Terry D. Jones, and
>John A. Ruben, Department of Zoology, Oregon State University.

   Aren't these the folks who wrote the infamous RT paper?

>Paraphrasing the abstract, the presenters will state that the specimens'
>"proto-feathers" show no feather microstructure, but are organized in a
>fashion consistent with the collagenous connective tissue fibers which
>support midline frills of extant (semi-aquatic) animals.

   And they know the microstructure of these things how?  The last
information I have is that Brush et al. and Currie were the only western
scientists to have closely examined the specimens, and that so far no
studies had been done (let alone published) on EITHER side of the Pacific
showing microstructure.

   They may indeed be correct in their assessment, but I'm curious about
where they are getting their information.  The last information to filter to
this list is that the examinations done to this point were not complete
enough to make ANY kind of conclusion other than that the structures do not
have the same morphology as modern bird feathers.

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