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Re: Lessons & $$ for Sue

In a message dated 97-09-17 15:46:45 EDT, HILL.SHARON@a1.pader.gov writes:

<< Hearing that story about the Montana T. Rex property dispute, whether 
 true or false, I can't believe that paleontologists in the field haven't
 a lesson from Pete Larson's bad experience regarding land ownership and
 proper permissions. Why not make the extra effort to secure the consents? If

 not, end up with catastrophies such as this. >>

Paleontologists >have< learned. Rigby did everything right, including
securing government permission, land title search, etc. His problem lies with
that family of squatters who have asserted that the land belongs to them,
even though it was legally seized in a foreclosure years ago. Why are they
still there? Why are they messing around with Rigby's dig? A pile of bones
that might bring a million dollars or more certainly attracts flies, doesn't